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I thought I’d share my recent experience with Liquid Hide Glue. I replaced my fingerboard a few months ago, and I ordered a bottle before I took the time to do much research. Before I installed the fingerboard, I did some reading here on the Cafe message board and the consensus from builders seemed to be that it was not suitable for musical instrument construction or repair. However, few people had actually tried LHG, and there was a study posted that indicated that it would perform ok if used properly. The I’ve-already-bought-the-stuff-surely-it-will-work bias is real, y’all. I thought to myself, “I’ll try it out. The worst thing that could happen is the fingerboard will pop off.

Technical Details

Delivery Associate will place the order on your doorstep and step back to maintain a 2-meter distance. To pay by cash, place cash on top of the delivery box and step back. See more product details. Superior waterproof wood glue is ideal for exterior and interior woodworking! Stronger, safer, easier to clean up and less expensive than polyurethane glues. Allows eight minutes of open time and works in application temperatures as low as 47 F.

The addition of a Walmart Protection Plan adds extra protection from the date of purchase. Walmart Protection Plans cover the total cost of repair, or replacement,​.

We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. There are lots of tests for when your liquid hide glue has gone bad — the most common one that I know of is to put some glue between your index finger and thumb. Tap your finger and thumb repeatedly to see if the glue turns tacky and produces long stringy strands. If it does, then your glue is good.

The glue scientists at Franklin International gave me two tests — one slow and one fast. Both work brilliantly. The fast one, which takes about 15 minutes at most — will be in an upcoming issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine again, apologies for wanting to eat. Glue them together in a staggered fashion as shown in the photo above. Clamp them normally and let the glue sit overnight.

Cracking the glue code

Silicone adhesive applications include bonding glass and ceramics, concrete, brickwork and even in aircraft and aerospace. Take a look at the features for Titebond Glue. Color: Amber, Size: 4 oz..

The code on a bottle of Titebond glue that was manufactured in July Q: When I buy glue, I can’t find a production or expiration date on the containers.

Example: A — This material was manufactured on April 27, Please contact Technical Service with any additional questions. Yes we do. For wood with high moisture content, we would recommend using a polyurethane glue such as Titebond Polyurethane Glue. Titebond Polyurethane glue is activated by moisture and allows it to cure quicker. However, this type of glue foams when it cures so clamping joints tightly is critical during the curing process. Tight clamping eliminates foam in the glue line which can cause weakness of the assembly.

We recommend 4 hour clamping for polyurethane glues. As an added benefit, after 4 hours, parts can be machined. Water based adhesives can take 24 hours to fully cure before machining. Titebond Polyurethane Glue will also eliminate sunken glue joints which can occur when machining water based glued assemblies before moisture equilibrium is completed near the glue lines.

If Titebond Wood Glues are accidentally spilled on clothing, it is important to immediately wet it with water and keep it wet until all adhesive is rubbed off of the clothing. Do not put the clothing item in the dryer until all adhesive is removed. Heat will melt the adhesive into the fabric and it will be permanent.

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Hi, Guest Login Register. James Metcalf Posts: Most woodworking glues have a shelf life of one to two years from the date they are made. After that, it may or may not hold. So, how do you know how old the glue was when you bought it?

Great for handling outdoor woodworking projects, the Titebond II 16 fl. oz. I’ve used it onfurniture and pianos that date back to the mid s as well as wood.

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway. Please enter a question. Water resistant and needs no mixing! Its the first one-part glue to pass Type II water resistant testing.

Use it for all your projects that may be exposed to moisture – signs, furniture, toys, marine and more.

When Your Liquid Hide Glue Turns Bad

At LD Davis, we pride ourselves on being an educational resource for our customers, our prospects and the community. Our blog is a helpful learning tool for those wanting to know more about glue best practices, news in the industry and simple answers to common glue questions. Hear it straight from the experts in every post. Subscribe to our blog updates. Just like with most natural products, glues have an expiration date.

First thing is first, if your glue has become moldy we advise against trying to “make it work”.

Cleanup: Damp cloth while glue is wet. Scrape off dried excess. BOND STRENGTH ASTM D (On Hard Maple). Temperature, Strength psi.

Hide glue that can remain liquid at room temperature has been around for over years and is the very best easy to use liquid glue on the market. Now its bigger brother Hot Hide Glue is the finest glue in the world and has been around for over 30, years. The discussion is liquid hide glue, made by adding anti gelling agents to hot hide glue to allow it to remain liquid under normal conditions. I do go into it in great detail in my forth coming book The Hide Glue Book.

This puts a shelf life on the admixture and early recipes indicate a 2 year shelf life. There is a fish glue out of Canada Lee Valley that is also a fine quality glue with a fast tack. The latter has a longer shelf life but the two previous will have expiration dates on them, generally 12 months after manufacture. And under ordinary circumstances, I follow those expiration dates, my glue is always gone before that time comes up.

However lately I have discovered something that got me thinking, and you know where that leads. I had got a couple gallons of glue from a friend that buys 5 gallon buckets of liquid hide glue for veneering.

Squeezing More Life Out of Your Wood Glue Bottle

It could have been sitting in the store for years—how do I know how old it is? Here’s how to interpret the line of numbers and letters stamped on the containers of white, yellow, and polyurethane glue produced by Franklin International, maker of Titebond and the biggest supplier of woodworking glue. They skip “I” because it looks like the number 1. You can ignore the rest of the code, which relates to the particular batch of glue.

Elmer’s glue carries a similar code.

Have you tried shaking it up, maybe the solids in the glue have settled. Also check for an expiry date (not sure if it has one but maybe you got.

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For those who wish to know; Per Titebond – In March of , we switched to the new lot numbering system. The new one is: The first digit represents A for America made in , the second digit is the last digit of the year of manufacture, the third and fourth digits represent the month, the fifth and sixth digits represent the day of the month and the last four digits represent the lot number.

Titebond 5012 Liquid Hide Glue, 4 Oz

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Franklin Titebond II Premium Wood Glue, Ounces in Wood Glue. Franklin F Titebond Original Wood Glue, Gallon Date First Available, Sept.

By rodger. I was at the lumber yard buying some stuff, and needed some glue. The tite bond III looked pretty old, so I grabbed a bottle from the back of the rack. I decided to check the date code i think TB3 is good for 2 years, could be mistaken. Here is how to “crack” the date code:. The first digit represents A for America made in , the second digit is the last digit of the year of manufacture, the third and fourth digits represent the month, the fifth and sixth digits represent the day of the month and the last four digits represent the lot number.

Example: A — This material was manufactured on April 27,

Why I Don’t Use Titebond III